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A home energy check up is basically a walk-through inspection on homes. It is important to have your homes examined in order to find ways on minimizing energy consumption and lowering electricity bills. This leads to a more energy-efficient home with an effective plan, useful suggestions, and valuable recommendations as to a more comfortable atmosphere within your house. Today you’ll learn about the basic ideas regarding the procedures done in a home energy check up. All in all, this check up is almost a necessity to all households not only for reducing monthly expenses on utilities but for an improved lifestyle as well.

First is the “walk-through.” The initial procedure of a home energy check up is the walk-through. A check up professional will examine your home, which usually takes an hour, and then will measure your home’s insulation levels, heating and cooling systems, windows and doors, lighting and appliances, water heating equipment, and then inspect if there is any air leakage.

Evaluate ways on how to reduce power consumption. After the power check up walk-through, the professional inspector will show you different ways to become more energy-efficient and how to save money. The inspector will give you some power-efficiency programs and determine health conditions or issues of the family members as well.

A summarized report will be given according to the findings of the home power assessment. Here, the surveyor will discuss various significant matters concerning your home and will recommend some home improvements and simple methods that will reduce energy costs. Due to the fact that they examine mostly about the home temperature, they will most likely to end up giving the most comfortable temperature in your home.

Eden Prairie Inspection Tech: 952-583-9012