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Whether you already own your home or are looking into buying one, one task to consider for proper house care is a thorough inspection of the roof. The roof is what keeps the rest of the home secure and protected from the elements. Having a professional check the current state of a roof can help you save money and headaches, depending on your situation.

Why get your roof inspected? As a homeowner or potential buyer, it’s important to know everything you can about the place you live.

Prevention: Regular roof evaluation – it is recommended to have a professional examine your house top every two or three years – can help determine if minor problems and leaks stand to become major issues in the future. These checks can spot damage by weather or rodents or other elements and allow you plan for timely repairs that may not cost you as much now as a larger fix would have down the road.

Value: If ever you think of selling your house, a buyer is going to want to know the condition of the roof. As it is the objective of the buyer to choose a home that doesn’t require extensive repair, should your roof require great attention it can make selling a challenge. Regular inspections can alert you to repairs necessary before you put your home on the market, and they can help evaluate the selling price.

Renovation: Say you wish to remodel your home and have an addition built. Even if you don’t plan to add a story to your house, a new room will require extension of your roof, and you want to be certain the structure matches your present one. Regular inspections can help you figure out what needs to be done to ensure the roof is even and strong.

Just a small payment for inspection can save you larger bills for repairs if you leave roof problems unnoticed and unattended.

Eden Prairie Inspection Tech: 952-583-9012