You should have your condo inspected, before closing, for the same reasons you get a home inspected. Because it is an enormous purchase and you want to know what you are acquiring. An inspection gives you bartering power with the seller, also your lender may require an inspection, because your inspection will pinpoint any items or areas that are in need of repair, and it will identify any potential safety hazards.

The condo inspector will inspect your condo the same way that he/she would a house, examining the exterior, roofing, grounds, and other parts of the condo that may be considered “common areas.” The inspector’s goal is to provide you with facts that help to make an informed decision. If the roof for the unit is worn and almost useless, will the cost of a new roof come out of the usual charges or will there be a special payment due? Don’t get taken advantage of; you should have your condo inspected prior to purchase. If heating, cooling, windows, plumbing, electrical, and anything else can fail and you will bear the expense of repairs, then an inspection is a good idea.

Your home inspector will also offer ancillary services to our customers while they are there including, FLIR Thermal imagingHome Energy Audit, Mold InspectionPool and Spa Inspection and Termite Inspection.

Acquiring a condo may be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Even though the process is enthralling, it quickly becomes a burden. While the condo you have in mind may seem to be perfect for you, how can you be positive there aren’t serious safety and health hazards and defects that can make your investment costly in the future? Having your new condo meticulously examined by a licensed inspector as soon as possible in the negotiation process, can save you thousands of dollars on repairs that the seller or builder can correct, before closing.

In conclusion, at least three out of four home or condo buyers make an appointment for a professional condo inspection to determine the over-all condition of the property before they close the deal, but buyers don’t pay attention to a condominium in the same manner as a home, and that is a huge mistake. Think in terms of becoming business partners with strangers in a multi-million dollar real estate development, when investing in a condo. Never underestimate the importance of an inspection, because it is a condo.