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A Manufactured Home Inspection is divided into categories — interior and exterior.



If you have water leaks in your home, it may be an issue with the pipes, water lines, sink, appliances, faucets, or refrigerator waterline. The inspector will check your pipes and be swift to resolve any issues.

Electrical wiring

Test out all the outlets, appliances and light switches to be sure they are working.

Windows and doors

The inspector will look at the windows and doors for energy waste and if the seals are tight.

Heating and air conditioning

Heating and air will be tested for optimum performance for the units according to the house standards.



Flashing is a thin material that covers cross-section where the roof meets the exterior wall, for instance. The flashing keeps water from penetrating the home through these gaps in the construction.

Without flashing or with loose flashing, your home is susceptible to water damage.

Exterior trim and panel

Are you missing any trim or panel pieces? Do they feel loose? High winds and foul weather can do a number of damages on your home if these are left unattended. Water damage and worse can strike at your home.


See any water leaks on the inside of your home, on the ceiling? There may be an issue with your roof. The inspector will inspect for missing or loose panels or shingles.

Exterior structures

For a mobile home to pass inspection, in most places, exterior structures cannot make contact with the mobile home. For example, if you have a deck, the deck can come up to the mobile home, but it cannot be attached to the mobile home otherwise the mobile home’s HUD compliant sticker is no longer valid. Any addition to a mobile home should be free-standing.


It’s wise to regularly inspect your mobile home’s foundation. This way you can catch problems before they inflict damage on the home. If the mobile home is not level or properly supported, the framing and other things such as plumbing will suffer.


The inspector will look at the structure and identify things such as framing- if it’s still solid or not.

Roofing and gutters

The inspector will be able to assess the quality of your roofing installation and whether it is in danger of any nearby trees. If the gutters are not properly in place or if they require mending, the inspector will note that.


He or she will look for fire hazards as they inspect your mobile home’s electrical work. Sparking and potentially a fire could come out of a poorly installed electrical component.

Sewer and waterline inspection

You’ll want to be sure that nature is not wreaking havoc on your sewage and water lines. An inspector will tell you if there’s a problem and what to do about it.

Gas line inspection

A gas line leak inspection could save a life. It can also save money. An inspector will be able to measure the pressure in the line to see if the gas is properly going through.

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