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Some of the most important areas on the outside of the home are porches, decks and balconies. Because these are exposed to the elements more than most other parts of a home, your inspector will check their condition carefully. This is also important for safety considerations because you wouldn’t want someone to be hurt falling down rickety steps or through a soft deck floor.

Your inspector will check all porch, deck, and balcony supports for signs of loose or rotted parts. Masonry or concrete piers should be plumb. Any structural connections to the main building should be secure and protected against corrosion or rot.

Your inspector will check steel stairs for strength, rust, and see if they’re securely attached. Stair treads should be as level as possible without holding water. Stair riser heights and tread depths should be uniform, respectively.

Your inspector will give you a detailed report in 24 hours after the completed inspection. Call us today to book your deck inspection!

Eden Prairie Inspection Tech: 952-583-9012